First Shot Personal Protection, Inc.
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Pam wrote:
I highly recommend this course. It was very informative, fast paced and truly enjoyed it. Probably one of the best of the best that I have taken...

Julie wrote:
"Great class Saturday! Thank you Larry & Cathy for making it not only very informative, but also fun! I feel better prepared & more confident in handling my handgun on my own!"

Gina wrote: "Thanks Larry! You and your wife are so sweet!! :) He said there is no comparrison...YOUR training is the BEST of the BEST! You actually took your time to show us things and explain things to didn't throw us in a room like sardines and make us watch movies and then throw us out on the range and say shoot 50 rounds to are very personable, we can certainly tell you take pride in your training AND everyones safety... you're not just there for the EARN your money!! We learned a lot of valuable information from you and Cathy that we will remember FOREVER! For all of those reasons is why we want to come to some other classes!! :) Thanks Again! :)"

Good Afternoon Larry,
Thanks you for a very informative class. I could have never expected more! Beside covering very important information, you did it in a very effective manner. I applied for the permit on Monday and told the officers at the Forsyth County Sheriff's Department how great was our class and what a good a job you did emphasizing Satety and the Laws.
You may already know of this information. If so, please forgive the redundancy. I heard someone asking you about what gun to buy. The following is a wed site with information about over 2,000 guns. that site is You will find online information about the weapons, test and some video of the various test of the weapons. With that info, the person may be better able to know which weapons they would like to try and then purchase. We seem to know what our shooting friend own and use there advice to help select our weapons.
Thanks again for a great class. You do not charge enough for all you provide the students. I am selling your class to my shooting friends.
Payton Bates

Pam Idol I highly recommend this course. My friends and I took the course a few weeks ago and learned a vast amount of knowledge. The instructor and his wife are very knowledgeable and are just fantastic folks to work with. Well worth your time to invest in for a day, this just may save your or a family member's life. The safety of your family and yourself is a priority

Janice G. Rawlins
My daughter and I took Larry's "Refuse to be a Victim" course and decided that his Conceal/Carry class was also a good idea. Taking the C/C class was a very good decision for us; so much so that my husband will also be taking it soon. I r...

We really enjoyed the class and I learned so much!!! You guys are great!! Thanks for posting the pics!

Evan and I had SUCH a great time. You made the class entertaining and enjoyable to say the least. Thank you so much and we hope to take another class in the near future. Take care!
P.S. the pictures on facebook are awesome!  

What a pleasure it was to take the CC class on May 15, 2010. As you know, I relocated to NC and had a previous CC permit from Kansas, but needed to recertify in NC.

The level of professionalism and skill exhibited by Larry Holder was far beyond what I experienced in my CC class in Kansas.

I learned shooting techniques and skills from Larry that I didn't even know existed. Having been around handguns all my life, I felt confident in my shooting skills, but with Larry's teaching of the CC course, I'm even more confident in my ability to hit the intended target the first time.

Thank you for teaching Linda the shooting skills and safety needed to protect herself during the all women's course on May 13, 2010.

Linda and I both agree, we will come back to you for additional training and improving our shooting skills and to make our home more safe.

Cathy, thank you also for all your efforts in making the class run smooth and efficent.

Terry W. Roberts

Comments : Larry
I wanted to say thank you for the high quality of instruction that I received at First Shot and for the great hospitality Cathy and yourself gave while I was there. The course was beyond my expectations and I highly recommend First Shot to anyone seeking instruction. Your presentation of the material was precise and easy to understand and your patients at the gun range well received. I have been apprehensive around handguns due to a bad experience back when I was a teenager and saying that I was a little tense at the beginning of the range session would be an understatement. The fact that I was able to shoot 100 percent during the qualification is a testament to quality of your instruction. I look forward to training with you in the near future. Thanks again.
Jonathan Phipps

Dear Larry and Cathy,

Just a note to say thank you for the GREAT CC class. I wish it could have gone on for a couple more

days! The emphasis on gun safety, laws, and technique were awesome. You truly provide a GREAT service for

the price and with a personal touch. I know I am more prepared to defend myself and family because of your

expert instruction. I hope to have my wife take the class very soon.


Brady Huneycutt

Hello Larry,
I just wanted to take the time to thank you for a great experience training in your concealed certification class. I was impressed with your commitment to me as a student, and your level of professionalism in both shooting and teaching the art of shooting. Also, Kathy was terrific in planning and communicating with me as it pertained to scheduling, as well as some insight into your class.
I will have my stepsons set an appointment for basic pistol classes, and after my market will also sign up for additional training.
Thank you!
Kindest Regards,

Dear Larry & Cathy,

Donald and I would like to thank you for a very interesting, educational, and fun concelled carry class. We would definitely recommend the class to people with limited or no handgun knowledge or with extensive handgun knowledge. There's opportunity for everyone to walk away with great information! In fact, we plan to enroll in the personal protection classes soon.

I'd also like to thank you for introducing us to "the judge". He was really exciting! We plan on having him to our house soon. :-)

Thanks again,
Donald & Audrey

Hello Larry,
I just wanted to take the time to thank you for a great experience training in your concealed certification class. I was impressed with your commitment to me as a student, and your level of professionalism in both shooting and teaching the art of shooting. Also, Kathy was terrific in planning and communicating with me as it pertained to scheduling, as well as some insight into your class.
I will have my stepsons set an appointment for basic pistol classes, and after my market will also sign up for additional training.
Thank you!
Kindest Regards,

To the Holders',
I just wanted to thank both of you for all the information that was received during our concealed class.  Your compassion allowed each one of us to leave with a better understanding of the importance of protecting ourselves.  This is on behalf of all of my family that attend your class on March 13 & 14.  We will be sure to remember the laughs, the video (how could you forget it), and of course the knowledge that we have gained.  We are forever greatful... Thanks again.
Whitney Davis
Helen Barnes
Traci Lennon
Eddie Dean
Evan Davis
Annie Hunt

Larry -
Just to say again how much I appreciate the excellent concealed carry class you put on last Saturday.  I attended the Greensboro Gun Show Sunday morning, and listened as several instructors talked to interested folks at their booths, and kept thinking that your class was much more comprehensive than what they were offering.
I filled out my paperwork and turned it into the Forsyth County Sheriff's Department on Monday morning, and the single, older black gentleman that was at the class was there then too.  At the window for the concealed carry permit, there was a single sheet of white paper with two business cards offering classes.  I removed the business card from the class folder and asked that the deputy behind the window add it to the display, and he said that he thought there was already one of your cards up there.  I told him no, and he said he would check.  You might want to go there and if he did not put it up, request that he add one of yours.  I told him you gave an excellent presentation.
Again, thanks for the professional way you presented the training both in the classroom and at the range.
Chris Brower

There is no question you should take the First Shot Inc concealed class. I learned more in a hour then 8 hours at Calibers!
Phone 336-462-7399  Larry or Cathy Holder

      Just a few words to let you know that I appreciate what you did today for me to get my Concealed Pistol Permit. The class was very interesting and I learned alot of things that I didn't know about the law of carrying a concealed pistol. You are a very great teachers in that field. I enjoyed the day very much. Thank you very much for all you did for me and also for the fast load clip you gave me. I wish you all the luck as you continue to help others to get their permits. I hope that we will meet again someday as I found you to be a good friend. Keep up the good work and have a great day and God Bless.
    Virgil Chitty
"Larry, great class.  The class was not only fun but I feel much more secure carring a gun now than before.  During the class I learn things I never knew possible as far as handling and shooting a pistol.  The part of shooting with my eyes closed and hitting the target was amazing, to say the least."  Phil Hobson
 "Outstanding class, the time you gave each of us really taught us the realization of what can happen on the street and in our home.  I must admit I never thought I could shoot with my eyes closed and hit the taget."  Jeff Coleman
"I was so afraid of guns until I took your class.  You made everything seem so easy and the quick shooting WOW it really works."  Vallie
It was great to meet you and go through the class with Tara.  I had a great time and even learned a few things!
I'm going to see Ed tomorrow and drool over some Kimbers!
Take Care,

I enjoyed the class and I will be recommending it over the other guys that are asking more $.
The only thing that would make it better is a larger room.

I just bought a Glock 30 and 1000 rnds at the Gunrack and then I went to Calibers and got a
3 month membership. The gun is dead on and shoots great. I ordered a holster and 25rnd mag online. I hope that my CCW permit is here by Xmas. Thanks for everything.

Comments : Hi LarryJust a line or two too let you know how much Mark and myself
enjoyed the class. It is always great when you have fun as well as learn important information.
You and your wife are alot of fun to be around. I loved the shooting range,it was beautiful
down there.Anyway wanted to say we all enjoyed the class, you are a great teacher, and the kids
(Misty and Camyron)can't wait to take the class we are tring to get thier days together so they
can schedule.Thanks again, Ina Johnson (aka Ida



Thank you so much for your efforts in my concealed class. I learned and also was intrigued. You were simple, effective, and conscientious in all your teaching.

Thanks again and my wife now is interested. She may be part of a group of ladies signing up soon,


Danny Jefferson

Thanks for a very good experience in your Concealed Carry class.
I was very impressed with the patience you had with first time shooters(my wife,andrea)
Your course was informational and to the point..

pete Blakemore.


Once more I would LIKE to thank you for a great  class your experience & knowledge of firearms & how you teach shows a great deal above your competitors. also as per your request I am sending you this email so that you can have my email address on file.
NOTE: I have already handed out some of your business cards  to a few people that are interested in taking the course I really hope that they do & that they take your course. 


Michael L Perez
Hope all is well with you? I'll like to take the time to thank you and your wife for the hospitality on April 25th conceal weapon class. If everyone were as the two of you there probably wouldn't be a need for a gun. However we no that's not true and that's the main reason for taken your class.
I really received a lot during the class, it was definitely worth the time. It was also  very educational regarding the do's and don'ts pertaining the law and the surrounding states. It gave me a real opportunity to talk with my wife this pass weekend as we took the long ride to Lafayette, Louisiana. There were many times when we saw a car broke down on the side of the road. My statement to her was we never no when it might happen you. You need to be ready not knowing individual motives who stop and help.
She really have a better understanding of carrying an handgun and hopefully will be a future student here soon.
Larry, once again thank you for your time and patience,
Dear Larry and Cathy,
I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I appreciated your training.  My daughter Amy and I can't stop talking about the great time that we had with the two of you on September the 5th.  Even though I had grew up in a family that hunted and I had been around guns all my life, I believe I have learned more about firearms in your class than I had ever in the past.  Not only do I feel more knowledgeable, but I feel that I am now prepared to handle the firearm in an emergency if needed.  I feel I have much more confidence than before I took your course.  Firearm safety will always be the highest priority when I am around my own firearms or those of anyone else.  What my daughter and I have learned was much more valuable than the cost of the course.  Thanks again and know that we will always recommend the two of you.
H. N. Gwyn