First Shot Personal Protection, Inc.
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Our Beautiful Range
We welcome you to come and join us at our outdoor range which is covered for the winter time and has a burn barrel for heat.  Lots of space and fresh air in the warmer months.

At First Shot Personal Protection, we believe in hands-on training.  Our training is taught under the guide lines of the North Carolina Department of Justice for Conceal Carry Permits.  All of our training is taught with class participation and live fire ranges. 

Our instructor has attended many NRA training classes, including advance shooting and self defense training.  We have the experience our clients are looking for.

     Our Trainer is a Appointed NRATraining Counseler, who is Certified to Instruct and Train in all the various types of Guns.  Along with Training on Outside the Home Protection as well as inside the Home Protection.  He is also a Regional Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor.

     He is also a Certified Instructor for the North Carolina Department of Justice in Concealed Carry.

     He is also a Veteran of 23 yrs in the United States Army where he taught Firearms and Personal Protection.

For more information, send us a request on our Contact Us page, or call (336) 462-7399.

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