First Shot Personal Protection, Inc.
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About Us

At First Shot Personal Protection, we believe in hands-on training.  Our training is taught under the guide lines of the North Carolina Department of Justice for Conceal Carry Permits.  All of our training is taught with class participation and live fire ranges. 

Our instructor has attended many NRA training classes, including advance shooting and self defense training.  We have the experience our clients are looking for.

Our  Trainer has completed the Training Counseler Work Shop and has been appointment by the NRA as a Training Counsler which enables him to Certified well qualified indivduals as NRA Instructors.  For more information on becoming a Certified NRA Instructor please contact us.

For more information, send us a request on our Contact Us page, or call (336) 462-7399.

Call for a free no obligation quote for corporate rates, speaking engagements, etc.

US Army Retired - Specialized Military Training
        in Physical Security & Protection, Prisoner
        Transport and Riot Control
NRA Training Counselor. Certified Advance Shooting Instructor, as well as Protection Outside the Home.
North Carolina Department of Justice Instructor for Conceal Carry.
Certified Instructor CPR, First Aid & AED